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Co-founder of BoxLife Magazine.

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Video: Noah Ohlsen Does 4 Benchmark Workouts Back-to-Back

Watch as 2015's 8th place CrossFit Games finisher Noah Ohlsen completes four benchmark workouts back-to-back. The workouts: Karen - 150 wallballs,  Diane - 21-15-9 DL(225)/HSPUGrace...


This contest is now closed. 10 fans will win 4 cans of GR3EN energy, a GR3EN cap and a shirt or tank!  1 affiliate owner will...

Choosing the right workout partner—5 Questions to ask yourself

CrossFit, for the majority of us, is an individual sport. And just like any other sport (or strength and conditioning program), we seek to...

Practical Ways To Prevent Injuries

If you're a healthy athlete, follow these practical way to prevent injuries: Listen to your Coaches. They instruct you on correct form, technique and observe...

CrossFit: Overcoming the Intimidation

We can all probably remember our first experience trying out a CrossFit workout; It was  likely a very humbling experience. I for one could not finish...