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Co-founder of BoxLife Magazine.

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10 Common Mistakes CrossFitters Make

CrossFit is a sport (and training regimen) that is nearly impossible to master. From complete novices to elite Masters athletes, there will always be...

Building a Better Squat: 5 Proven Squat Programs

Everyone loves to squat. This you already know. It’s not only a great reflection of your strength and power, but also serves as a...

Lauren Brooks on Programming & Diet

Lauren Brooks on programming and diet: Preview from our interview with 2014's 7th place Games finisher. What’s your programming like? LB: A common mistake a lot...

Should you incorporate swimming in your CrossFit programming?

CrossFit is about ‘constantly varied, functional movements.’ Every day you step into the box, you know you’re going to see a new WOD. That’s...

About Time Protein Bar Giveaway

This contest is now closed. WIN  A BOX OF ABOUT TIME FRUIT, NUTS & PROTEIN BARS Fruit, Nuts & Protein bars are great as a snack...