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Damect Dominguez
Co-founder of BoxLife Magazine.

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Kids & Weightlifting: How Young is Too Young?

There is a long-running debate on the topic of when kids should take up strength training—specifically, weightlifting. Articles and opinions have varied on the...

Enter to Win: Paleo on the Go’s Best of Variety Pack

Enter to win Paleo on the Go's Best of Variety Pack. Paleo on the Go is a paleo meal delivery service specializing in making delicious,...

Nitrogen Spiking: Is Your Protein Powder Giving You What You Paid For?

What’s the first thing you look at when you’re thinking about getting a new tub of protein for your post-WOD shake? It very likely...

New First Responder Categories Added to the CrossFit Open Leaderboard

Last year, in advance of the 2015 Open, CrossFit HQ announced the inclusion of new Scaled and Teen divisions for the competition. These new...

Practical Ways To Prevent Injuries

If you're a healthy athlete, follow these practical way to prevent injuries: Listen to your Coaches. They instruct you on correct form, technique and observe...