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Does Size Matter? The Role of Bodyweight in CrossFit

In almost every competitive sport in which an athlete is required to move an external load—be it metal or flesh—weight classes play a role....

Tricep Gainz: 5 Exercises to Strengthen this Muscle

If an athlete’s arms ever catch your attention, whether the person is male or female, you might actually be noticing the size of their...

Cherie Chan: Lessons From a Veteran Coach

If you’ve never heard of Cherie Chan, you’ll be glad you have now. Chan was fully immersed in CrossFit before Rich Froning ever attempted...

Crossover Symmetry Giveaway #4!

This contest is now closed. WIN  CROSSOVER SYMMETRY'S H.I.I.T. SOLO PACKAGE The secret to healthier, stronger shoulders! H.I.I.T SOLO package is designed for individuals to enhance shoulder...

Matt Chan: Exclusive Interview with 2012’s 2nd Fittest Man

Last year, five-time Games competitor Matt Chan earned the title 2nd Fittest Man on Earth at age 34.