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This Year’s Repeat Open Workout: Only 4 Options Available

The inaugural CrossFit Open kicked off in 2011, and in every proceeding year we have seen a workout repeated. In 2012 12.5 was a...

CrossFit Team Series: Week 1 is in the Books

The first week of the CrossFit Team Series is in the books, and a ‘surprise’ squad sits atop of the overall leaderboard. Of all...

Active Recovery & the Difference Between Rest Days and Recovery Days

We all have days when we're just too beat up to train. Our muscles are sore, limbs are stiff, and the idea of throwing...

The Zercher Squat: The Most Underrated Squat?

The squat is one of the most popular exercises in the world of fitness, loved by powerlifters, bodybuilders, Olympians and CrossFitters alike. In fact,...