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The 2014 CrossFit Invitational Welcomes New Regions

On November 9th, the CrossFit Invitational returns to our community, with one major change. Team USA vs Team World will no longer be the...

CrossFit Team Series: Week 1 is in the Books

The first week of the CrossFit Team Series is in the books, and a ‘surprise’ squad sits atop of the overall leaderboard. Of all...

The Short WOD vs the Long WOD: Is There a Winner?

The majority of CrossFit workouts we see are typically performed at high intensity, but for a short duration (sub-15 minutes). One need only look...

Product Highlight: WODies by JerkFit

If you’ve been doing CrossFit for a while, you’ve probably heard of ‘WODies’—the two-in-one palm protectors and wrist wraps. And if you haven’t seen...

Does Compression Gear Really Work?

Watch any sporting event, and chances are you will see athletes wearing tight, spandex-looking attire on their legs, arms, chest—pretty much anywhere and everywhere...