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CrossFit Team Series: Week 2 Update

The CrossFit Team Series returned this past week, as four new workouts were announced last Thursday (September 18th). Teams around the world had until...

Fear is in the Mind: 7 tips to overcome fear at the box

As a CrossFitter, there are many things you may fear: poor results, failing a lift, letting your coach down, or embarrassment. You may be...

The Benefits of Hill Training

Hill training has been used as part of a workout regimen for athletes, the military and general fitness enthusiasts for centuries. The simplicity of...

SoCal’s Leading Man: Kenny Leverich

CrossFit is scalable to all fitness levels. From 3-year-olds to 70-year-olds, everyone can participate. So when Kenneth Leverich walked into Orange Coast CrossFit three...

The Festivus Games: A Worldwide Competition for Novice & Intermediate Competitors

With a tag line that reads, “Games for the rest of us”, one can readily assume what the goal of the Festivus Games is....