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Damect Dominguez
Co-founder of BoxLife Magazine.

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21 Habits You Need to Break to be a Better CrossFitter

Habitual behavior usually goes unnoticed in the person doing it; it's a routine, something that happens unconsciously. Because of this, breaking a bad habit can...

3 Lessons Learned From the First Regionals Weekend

As I’m sure many of you know, Regional competition began this past weekend with athletes competing in the South East, North Central, Canada West...

Does Compression Gear Really Work?

Watch any sporting event, and chances are you will see athletes wearing tight, spandex-looking attire on their legs, arms, chest—pretty much anywhere and everywhere...

What is Compensatory Acceleration Training and how can it help you get stronger?

Compensatory Acceleration Training (CAT) was popularized in the western world by Dr. Fred Hatfield. Known as “Dr. Squat”, Hatfield utilized CAT during his time...