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5 Reasons to Drink More Water

When astronomers look for life in our solar system and beyond, the unifying factor that generates the most interest and excitement is the potential...

Training From The Hang Position

Can training from the hang position improve form and increase power and explosiveness? You better believe it can!

CrossFit Kids in the Classroom

CrossFit is for all ages and abilities. Whether 2 or 72, one of the great claims of CrossFit is that it’s functional fitness that is...

Natalie Newhart’s Score Adjusted for 15.2

Natalie Newhart, who had originally posted the highest score in 15.2 with 441 reps, has had her score penalized. Her score was 14 reps...

The Jerk: Close Grip vs. Wide Grip

I’d wager that when it comes to the split and push jerk, most CrossFitters employ a close-grip (shoulder width) position. That’s what they were...